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We traveled for two days to get to our destination – the community of Waspam, near Nicaragua’s northern border with Honduras. After two flights and an hours-long, bumpy and dusty ride, we were bone tired when we first stepped out of the car.

published: 10/28/2014
Blog Post

On August 9, Brown, an unarmed black teenager, was killed by Darren Wilson, a white police officer. His death has amplified the call for the end of black lives being the casualties of racist violence. And the world is watching. 

published: 10/13/2014
Blog Post

On International Day of the Girl, we cheer on the bravery of young activists who are taking action to advance the rights and opportunities for girls everywhere.

published: 10/11/2014
Your Support in Action
best of caramel shelter - mother holding a baby (c) jessica alderman

When we called for help responding to the emergency in Gaza, you answered. Thank you. You made it possible for us to bring urgent aid to women and families there, through our partners at the Palestinian Medical Relief Society. Eight weeks...

published: 10/09/2014
Your Support in Action
elder woman and young child (c) Daniel Smith

When ISIS militants invaded Iraq earlier this summer, the whole world was taken by surprise. No government or big aid agency was prepared for the crisis. But because of you, we were able to respond immediately. Thanks to our on-the-ground...

published: 09/12/2014
Blog Post

Kisalaya is an Indigenous village on the North Atlantic coast of Nicaragua. It’s also the site of Harvesting Hope, an organic community agriculture project supported by MADRE members. The project started with only 30 women, and there are now 90 participants–and Ester Tomas is one of them.

published: 08/11/2014
Your Support in Action

Gaza is embroiled in a humanitarian disaster, and hundreds of thousands of Gaza's women and families are in danger. They've now been plunged into darkness by the airstrike that destroyed Gaza's only power plant. What's worse, without that power plant,...

published: 08/01/2014
Blog Post

Some have been forced from their homes in waves of mass displacement. Others have lost family members to decades of violence. And others still have suffered sexual violence in the context of armed conflict. Though their stories may differ, they are all here for a shared purpose: a tireless pursuit for peace and justice.

published: 07/29/2014
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Today, the world population is over 7 billion and continuing to grow. Yet, many women around the world still do not have the right to plan the size and spacing of their families.

published: 07/11/2014
Blog Post

The call to protect women and children amplifies as the Global Summit to End Sexual Violence in Conflict comes to a close, militants threaten to gain control in Iraq and families in Nigeria continue to demand the safe return of their daughters.

published: 06/13/2014
Your Support in Action

"Sometimes I want to give up." When she spoke these words, Betty Gonzalez had not only suffered the brutal murder of her daughter, Rosemary. She had also been fighting for years with a justice system that didn't seem to care...

published: 06/11/2014