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The ideas for this blog entry have been swirling in my head all day. This morning, I gathered with hundreds of women’s rights activists from across Latin America in a large hall in the center of Mexico City to discuss a vital question: how are women using new technologies to change their world?

published: 09/13/2012
Blog Post

MADRE has released our 2011 annual report! Whether you’re interested in becoming more involved or learning more about our work, or you’re already a friend to MADRE and our sisters and want to learn more about everything we have been able to do with your support, take a look and see what we have been up to!

published: 09/10/2012
Blog Post

MADRE has a brand-new MADRE! Our congratulations and love go out to our fearless Program Director Natalia and her husband Esteban on their beautiful daughter. We are so incredibly excited to welcome the newest and tiniest member of our team, Lucia, and we (hint hint) cannot wait for her to come by the office so we can all tell her how great she is!

published: 09/07/2012
Blog Post

When our Iraqi partners at OWFI visited the town of Haweeja last August, what they found there shocked them. Hundreds of children had been born with severe birth defects in a single generation. Children were born missing both fingers and toes, missing limbs, with heart abnormalities, and more.

published: 09/05/2012
Your Support in Action

As Tropical Storm Isaac arrived in Haiti, forecasters warned of heavy rains, gale-force winds, landslides and floods. Hundreds of thousands of survivors of the 2010 earthquake are still homeless. They live in camps, and their tents provide little protection.After a...

published: 08/24/2012
Your Support in Action

We recently sent a shipment of supplies to CADPI, our partner organization in Nicaragua - and we'd like to share our photos with you!

published: 06/05/2012
Your Support in Action

You are part of an inspiring global women's movement. Get a glimpse by reading these letters.

published: 11/22/2011
Your Support in Action


MADRE staff members recently visited Haiti to bring shoe donations to a group of community organizers with KOFAVIV, MADRE's Haitian sister organization- and we'd like to share some of our photos with you!

published: 11/15/2011