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When we honor Earth Day, it’s about much more than the ground beneath your feet. It’s the food that nourishes us, the water that sustains us, the air that flows through us. It’s about the deep and intricate connections between all beings, and our responsibility to live in balance with each other and the Earth.

published: 04/22/2019
Your Support in Action

Afro-Colombian human rights defenders Sara Quiñonez and Tulia Maris Valencia, activists with our local partner organization Proceso de Comunidades Negras (PCN), have been unjustly detained. Their imprisonment is in retaliation for their community organizing to demand peace and justice. Here is a summary update and action recently shared by PCN.

published: 12/20/2018
Your Support in Action

I've just returned from a fact-finding trip to Arizona, where we visited gender violence survivors at the Eloy detention center. They have come from countries across the region to seek asylum here in the US. But instead of sanctuary, many of them are trapped in long-term detention in a system stacked against them. Trump's latest executive order, announced while I was in Arizona, makes it even worse, upending asylum law to reject even more people seeking safety. 

published: 11/14/2018
Your Support in Action

Our partners at the Organization for Women’s Freedom in Iraq (OWFI) are offering new courses! Their programs already give women shelter, care and the chance to reinvent their lives, including through job training. Now, OWFI has added first aid, literacy, and sewing and handicrafts classes! Nearly 60 women have attended these classes so far - 49 of whom had never before taken a class with OWFI. 

published: 11/09/2018
Your Support in Action

The Brisas del Cauca community in Colombia is demanding the right to be resettled and rehoused with dignity. By taking local action and bringing applying our international advocacy strategy to the cause, MADRE is helping to seek justice for this community.

published: 11/02/2018
Your Support in Action

It has been one year since Hurricane Maria hit. Puerto Rico is still very much feeling the impacts of the disaster and now has an official death toll near 3,000 people. In the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, MADRE members stepped up and helped MADRE contributed to the Maria Fund in Puerto Rico. 

published: 09/17/2018
Your Support in Action

In Kenya, MADRE partners with Indigenous women leaders who organize to build healthier and more resilient communities. Together, we combat the dangers of climate change by creating sustainable farming initiatives and protecting water sources. We advocate for the rights of women and girls to be educated, to be safe from violence and to step up as leaders. We're excited to share these two videos, to give you a glimpse at that work.

published: 08/13/2018
Your Support in Action

Two of our partners need your voice now. Mother and daughter Tulia Maris Valencia and Sara Quiñonez are two Afro-Colombian women human rights defenders who have been unjustly imprisoned in a maximum security prison, on baseless charges.

published: 07/25/2018
Your Support in Action

MADRE staff visited our partners in Guatemala earlier this year, traveling from community to community to meet with grassroots women organizers. We saw so clearly the impact that supporters like you make possible and wanted to share a few stories and snapshots with you.

published: 07/20/2018
Your Support in Action

“We have one goal — to save lives and evacuate people. And to send a message to the world: Without weapons, we can do anything.” The young woman who spoke these words -- Razan al-Najjar -- was shot dead on Friday by Israeli snipers. She was 21 years old. A volunteer with our partner group, the Palestinian Medical Relief Society (PMRS), Razan was rushing to provide medical care to an injured protester when she was shot in the chest.

published: 06/04/2018
Your Support in Action

More than 50 people were killed today in Gaza protesting against the Israeli blockade that has sealed them in for years, depriving them of basic needs like water and access to medical care. This is the latest in weeks of violent retaliation by the Israeli military against demonstrators in Gaza, adding to the growing number of killed and injured. MADRE is mobilizing to provide immediate care, like emergency medical kits for on-the-ground first responders. Through our local partners, we’re helping to make sure that wounded people receive aid, like treatment for tear-gas inhalation, on-the-spot care for injuries, and stabilization so that they can be transported to a clinic. And we’re providing for ongoing support, like antibiotics to avert infection.

published: 05/14/2018
Your Support in Action

When I updated you just weeks ago about the situation in Eastern Ghouta, Syria, the news was already devastating. In the days since, it's gotten even worse.

published: 03/15/2018
Your Support in Action

Our longtime partner in Nicaragua and a dear friend, Rose Cunningham, has been inaugurated as the first Indigenous woman mayor of Waspam, Nicaragua, her hometown. It’s from there that she’s dedicated her life to protecting and advancing the rights of women and girls – both in that community and around the world.

published: 01/11/2018
Your Support in Action

This year, MADRE’s Helping Hands program delivered life-saving medicines and health supplies to Indigenous communities in Nicaragua as well as prescription eyeglasses to families struggling with lack of healthcare coverage in the US.

published: 12/19/2017
Blog Post

For decades, Colombia's armed conflict has pitted government and right-wing paramilitary groups against anti-government guerrillas. After many previous attempts at negotiating a lasting peace, the Colombian government and FARC, an armed rebel group, finally reached an agreement in 2016. We spoke with Colombian women and girls to find out what peace in Colombia means to them. 



published: 09/26/2017