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Your Support for Syria

The humanitarian disaster in besieged Aleppo worsens daily. A plan to evacuate thousands of Syrians to safety is falling apart. Hospitals have been bombed, destroying access to lifesaving medical care for thousands of Syrian women and families.
But thanks to your support, we’re reaching the most vulnerable with immediate aid.
We’ve joined a convoy that will deliver medical supplies and equipment to help set up and keep stocked a children’s hospital in a highly-populated area on the northern outskirts of Aleppo. As the violence continues, the crucial need for medical care will only grow. Already, where the hospital will be set up, there are some 60,000 children living without access to medical care.
The convoy is being led by Dr. Rola Hallam. I first met Rola in Istanbul, when MADRE brought together Syrian and Iraqi women to share their experiences of war and together forge solutions for peace. And now, we’re joining her in an urgent effort to save lives in Syria.
Your support makes it possible. With you, we’re delivering examination beds, nebulizers, stethoscopes, incubators and other aid to equip the new hospital with vital supplies to treat children and families escaping war.
Thank you so much. When you support MADRE, you reach women and families in the most hard-to-reach and dangerous places.
What’s more, with you by our side, we’re standing with Syrian women and families for the long haul. Long after the news stops covering the crisis in Aleppo, we will still provide urgent care for Syrian women and girls. And we’ll raise the voices of local women activists working to build lasting peace. We do this with your support. Thank you.
With gratitude,

Yifat Susskind
MADRE Executive Director
P.S. As you read this, the convoy of trucks carrying vital medical aid is headed for Syria through Europe. We expect the convoy to reach the Turkey-Syria border next week. We’ll be sure to update you as it progresses. Thank you for making this possible.

Image: A fully-loaded convoy truck, moments before departure. (c) Doctors Under Fire. 
December 19, 2016  / Middle East / Syria / Building a Just Peace