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Your Lifesaving Care in Aleppo

When bombing decimated Aleppo, thousands of Syrian families fighting for their lives in the besieged city had no access to medical care and nowhere to turn.

We called on your help. And thanks to MADRE supporters like you, we were able to respond with lifesaving aid and care. 

In December, we joined a convoy of trucks headed for Aleppo from London, traveling through Europe. The trucks were filled with incubators, infant ventilators, hospital beds and other medical aid and supplies to rebuild and stock a children’s hospital.

And here’s some great news! In early January, the convoy arrived at the Turkey-Syria border, where the Independent Doctor’s Association (IDA), a network of Syrian doctors working to restore healthcare in war-torn Syria, were there to receive it. Here is a message of thanks from IDA:

“This unity of Syrian doctors and people around the world to help us deliver life-saving assistance to our fellow citizens is one of the largest displays of solidarity that the Syrian medical community has seen. After 6 years of war, the humanitarian situation in Syria has been going on for far too long, and we thank you for standing with us in saying that attacks on hospitals and civilians must stop, and to international governments who have not done enough to act urgently to protect civilians and ensure they can get the aid they need.”

IDA has identified a safe area to re-open the children’s hospital where the need is great. Just on the outskirts of the city, the area has already received a high volume of Syrian families escaping Aleppo in search of safety and care. Here, IDA estimates that they will be able to reach over 60,000 Syrian children with medical care. Work to set up the hospital is already well underway. And IDA expects to be ready to treat their patients on March 1, if not sooner.

Donald Trump’s ban on Syrian refugees brings more misery to people who’ve already endured years of warfare and violence. But with you standing with us, MADRE is committed to help women and families through war, in Syria and beyond, with life-sustaining care. Thank you so much for helping to deliver vital aid to Syrian families struggling to survive through war. Your support is truly lifesaving.