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Your Impact for Survivors of Nepal's Earthquake

“We are in shock, pain and in complete devastation. In spite of all this, we are together.”

These words from one of our partners in Nepal still leap out at me. Many of their homes have been smashed and destroyed. Some of them are mourning loved ones who perished. But they are persevering through this terrible time.

Thank you for standing with them now. You responded immediately to our call for emergency aid after the earthquake, and your support is lifesaving.

We have been in constant contact with our local partners there, a grassroots women’s organization called WOREC. Thanks to their local connections, your support is able to reach vulnerable women and families in the most devastated areas.

Here are some updates about what MADRE members make possible. With your help, our partners are:

  • Reaching out through local activist networks to send food, tents and basic essentials to ten of Nepal’s hardest hit districts.

  • Creating safe spaces in the hard-hit city of Kathmandu and surrounding communities for women to receive urgent aid like food, along with counseling to combat trauma.

  • Working with local hospitals to ensure that women’s needs are met. Today, they are distributing 10,000 health kits for pregnant women and mothers with newborns. Kits include baby clothes, blankets, diapers, basic hygiene supplies for mothers and more. Click here to see photos of our partners in action

Our partners at WOREC told me that they’re seeing women with newborns being discharged from hospitals with no place to go. They’re seeing pregnant women struggling to survive on the streets after their homes were destroyed. So right now, they’re mobilizing urgently to open up a support space for these women to receive basics like food, emergency shelter and vital care.

Thank you for making this crucial support for women and families possible.

With hope,

Yifat Susskind
Executive Director

P.S. The mother and her 3-day-old baby in the photo were discharged from the hospital. With her home in ruins, she had nowhere to go -- but our grassroots partners are her lifeline, with food, clothing and care.

April 30, 2015  / Asia / Women's Health