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You Trained Women Farmers in Nicaragua

It’s planting season on Nicaragua’s North Atlantic Coast! Thanks to your help, soon we’ll be Harvesting Hope.

With you, MADRE supports a network of Indigenous women farmers in those Nicaraguan communities. Through our on-the-ground partners, we bring them the seeds, tools and trainings they need to grow successful harvests and feed their families.

And thanks to your support, we just held a new training for women from one community called Kisalaya, a small town on the coast. People there struggle with poverty, hunger and intensifying climate disasters like storms and floods that threaten their harvests.

One of the main challenges that the women farmers here face is to successfully save seeds from one planting season to the next. Many times, the seeds rot or are eaten by animals because they were not properly stored.

To fix this, we held a training session for 25 women farmers from Kisalaya. At the session, they learned the best way to dry seeds to prevent them from rotting. They also learned how to care for their metallic silos so that seeds can be safely stored. Check out some pictures from this training session below!

With this new training under their belts, the women are ready to plant the cucumber, cabbage, rice and bean seeds that you helped us to deliver.

Thank you for making this possible! We look forward to sharing more updates with you from this season’s harvest soon.

Seed drying training © MADRE