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You Are the Key - Thank You!

Credit Maureen Drennan

All of us at MADRE wish you many beautiful moments to remember in your own life. Thank you for being a friend and champion of women's human rights!

You Are the Key—Thank You!

"What happened is over. Today I am happy." - Sofia, Colombian ex-child soldier 


The children at Taller de Vida, or Workshop for Life, put on a show for us when we visited them in Colombia. What a moment it was to see these kids, who once held guns, singing and dancing. To think that they've come so far after the traumas they've endured. Your support continues to offer them the counseling and love that has given them back their lives. Thank you. 

"We are in shock, pain and in complete devastation. In spite of all this, we are together." - Anu, activist partner in Nepal


For weeks after earthquakes hit Nepal in April 2015, our grassroots partners there delivered food, medical kits, tents, water purification supplies and more. Your outpouring of generosity to MADRE's Emergency and Disaster Relief Fund enabled these local heroes to be on the scene immediately, when every hour counts. Here, shortly after the earthquake, women can almost smile again as our partner distributes supplies. Thank you. 

"This water tank means life to us." - Nafula, Kenyan Mother

© Gichuru Mugira

Nafula's name, ironically, means "born during the rainy season." In her drought-stricken area of Kenya, crops and animal herds were dying, and children were falling ill drinking from contaminated water sources. The installation of this water tank was a joyous moment indeed. Yifat was recently there, second from the right, shortly after the tank was installed. You were there, too, through your generosity. Thank you. 

"I learned about my rights listening to the radio." - Maricela, Partner from Nicaragua

© Wangki Tangni

In remote communities on Nicaragua's North Atlantic Coast, Indigenous women suffer high rates of domestic abuse. That's why your gift to MADRE helps supply our sister organization, Wangki Tangni, with solar powered radios to distribute to women in 115 remote communities. Two radio stations will broadcast information on women's human rights, on safe housing, and other life-saving services, delivered by Indigenous MADRE-trained announcers. Thank you for making this possible.