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Women Farmers in Andris Thank You!

The small community of Andris, Nicaragua still struggles to rebuild after Hurricane Felix devastated the area more than eight years ago. That's because its location, on the North Atlantic Coast near the Caribbean basin, is constantly hit by floods and tropical storms, making it harder and harder for the small, isolated town to recover.

With trees and plants swept away in increasingly violent floods and storms, women farmers there struggle to plant successful harvests to feed their families. They reached out to MADRE and our on-the-ground partners for help. And thanks to you, we were there for them.

MADRE, our local partners and you are helping women farmers from the Andris community to survive. We’ve established nurseries to help reforest and replant their lands that are continually devastated by floods and storms. And we installed a new seed bank in the community so that vegetable seeds don't wash away with storms. Not only that, the seed bank ensures that seeds can be safely stored from one planting season to the next.

What’s more, your support helped us deliver new seeds to women farmers to grow foods including cabbage, corn, tomatoes, rice and beans! Here are some photos from the seed distribution.

Thanks to you, women farmers struggling to survive in Andris have the tools and support they need to feed their families. Thank you so much for supporting this important project!

(c) Wangki Tangni