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Water Tanks and Seeds for Women Farmers In Kenya

Thanks to your support, MADRE continues to help Indigenous women farmers in Kenya adapt to climate change. Where we work in Kenya, women face persistent drought that threatens their families' survival. But with you by our side, we're bringing tools and training that help women combat the impacts of climate change and raise healthy families.

For example, MADRE and the Indigenous Information Network, our on-the-ground partners, just delivered 30 clean water storage tanks to farming communities in the Transmara region of Kenya. With these clean water tanks, women farmers will be able to store clean drinking water for their families through drought.

What's more, we also delivered over 30,000 seedlings to women farmers there. With these seedlings, women will plant tree nurseries. When you help a woman plant a tree, you help combat deforestation and protect local water sources from erosion and contamination.

Above is a photo of from a recent tree planting session.

Thank you so much for your support of this vital project! With your help, Indigenous women farmers in Kenya are learning how to combat climate change to ensure their families' survival.

When you support MADRE, you help women in Kenya and around the world gain the tools they need to provide for their families.

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