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Urgent: Syrian women and families under siege

“My two hands are not enough to cover my two children and protect them from the bombing all around us.”

Right now, our partners in Syria are huddled in bomb shelters, trying to survive as airstrikes explode around them. And we’re acting urgently to save lives.

Eastern Ghouta, a neighborhood outside Damascus, is enduring a bombing campaign by regime forces unlike any it has seen in years. Hundreds of people are dying daily, and hundreds of thousands are living in fear.

People are cut off from food and medical care. Hospitals have been destroyed, and big aid agencies are sealed out by the violence, unable to reach the people who need help most.

But our on-the-ground partners at Women Now for Development are ready to distribute emergency aid. We’re in constant contact with these brave women who are a life-sustaining force for families under siege in places like Eastern Ghouta.

Even after an airstrike destroyed their local women’s center, our partners refused to give up. They turned to MADRE, and the urgent aid we’re sending now will help them save lives and rebuild the women’s center that was destroyed.

This is what our grassroots partners count on MADRE for — to move quickly in the worst of times, to get aid where it’s needed most and to stand beside them for the long haul of rebuilding. We can only do this crucial work thanks to your support. It’s you who makes it possible for us to act immediately when crises explode, in Syria and across the world.

With determination and thanks,

Yifat Susskind

Executive Director

P.S. Our partners want you to speak out and share your solidarity. Let them know that they are not forgotten. Post your message of solidarity to #SaveGhouta on social media. Send it to us, and we’ll make sure our partners receive it.

February 21, 2018  / Middle East / Syria / Building a Just Peace