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Testimonials from CHIRAPAQ

We recently received a report from CHIRAPAQ, our sister organization in Peru, sharing updates on the radio program they run with Indigenous communities. The radio is used as a means to share information on health, domestic violence, women's political participation, food security, climate change and more. CHIRAPAQ works with Indigenous women and men to train them in radio production and broadcasting, and to develop programming to promote women's human rights and collective Indigenous rights. The report highlighted testimonials from "communicators", the radio program participants. We would like to share some of those testimonials with you now:

Olinda Jorge Perez, Indigenous Communicator from Huanta:

"Our role as Indigenous communicators is very important in society, because we carry the voice of our towns, we defend our rights, and we inform of what's happening in our communities..."

Le�nidas Rodr�guez Berrocal, Indigenous Communicator from Vilcas Huam�n:

"We need to continue strengthening ourselves so that we can continue bringing awareness to more people, have workshops with the communicators. I would like that we have our own radio for the communicators that reaches all of the Vilcas Huam�n provinces. I hope that more young people participate in the organization, at some point they will have to take over for the older participants, but together we should work to move forward�"

Margarita Soto Bautista, Indigenous Communicator from Huamanga:

"We Indigenous communicators are strengthening our organization, and we do not falter� we are in constant contact with our bases, communicating� this is what our network is fighting for, to work towards defending our individual and collective rights�"