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Syrian Women and Girls Access Reproductive Healthcare

Because of you, over 100 Syrian women and girl refugees now know their reproductive rights.
Harmful social norms and stigma often prevent people from talking about reproductive health. This stigma leads to misconceptions, like that contraception causes infertility. But with your help, our partners in Syria are combating myths and misinformation to protect refugee women and girls.

We supported the Syrian Women's League to provide trainings on gender, human rights and reproductive health. They’ve held 13 sessions with up to 40 women in each, between 13 and 50 years old, in Syria and Lebanon. 

Lessons cover birth control, puberty, early marriage, pregnancy and postpartum care. They also provide information on violence and discrimination, and teach women and girls to read and write Arabic and English.

These lessons help women and girls learn their rights to be free from domestic violence, marital rape and forced early marriage. They also provide a space where women can share their stories and support each other. At the same time, we link them with a local female doctor who provides IUDs, family planning, health counseling and regular checkups. All at no cost. 

These trainings have now helped over 100 refugees. With your ongoing support, we can continue to empower more Syrian women and girls. 

Learn more about our partners and the project, and how, together, we can do more. 

August 22, 2016  / Middle East / Syria / Ending Gender Violence