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She was not alone

A young Ixil girl writes in a notebook on a table surrounded by fabric. Other women and girls hover around her to assist.

Before the pandemic, Isabel sold vegetables from her garden and handmade textiles to raise money to sustain her family. But then, all that changed when her local market in Guatemala shut down to prevent the spread of the virus. She was cut off from her only income to support her family.

Thankfully, Isabel is a part of MUIXIL, a local Indigenous women’s organization and MADRE partner — which meant she wasn’t alone as she faced this crisis. For years, Isabel had been building a life for herself and her family, by taking part in MUIXIL’s weaving collective and farming work.

Now, facing this pandemic, she could rely on MUIXIL — and on MADRE, thanks to your support.

That’s because MADRE and MUIXIL launched an emergency pandemic response to meet urgent needs in Isabel’s community. Her family is now receiving food supplies, along with hygiene kits to keep safe from the coronavirus.

The story of Isabel and the women leaders of MUIXIL is mirrored around the world — in the women who meet their communities’ needs when things fall apart. When war and disaster strike, they make sure their families have enough to eat. When schools are out of reach, they care for and educate children. When hospitals are closed, destroyed or distant, they provide healing for families.

When lives are on the line, like right now, we must act quickly to support our partners. We make sure resources go where they will do the most good — into the hands of local women and our grassroots partners.