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Raising Awareness and Empowering Women Through Radio

Thank you for your support of Sapinchikmanta (or Voices for Justice) an Indigenous radio program in Peru! MADRE is pleased to report that Sapinchikmanta continues to grow.

Sapinchikmanta broadcasts programs that empower Indigenous women and raise awareness on human rights issues. These Quechua communicators are able to transmit their ideas, feelings and world views. They do this without renouncing their ancestral systems of communication.

Currently, Sapinchikmanta is working to strengthen the capacity of those in leadership positions. Our partners there are also conducting trainings on production and broadcasting. They are also participating in an exchange, where each participating radio station observes and learns from the lessons and strategies of others.

Sapinchikmanta is also working towards its ultimate goal: forming a National Indigenous Communication System. In this way, different radio stations can more effectively share strategies and form partnerships. They will be able to collectively consolidate their work in areas from communication to advocacy.

Their work has already contributed to the empowerment of participants and community members. Yene Bellido B�jar, President of the Network of Indigenous Quechua Broadcasters of Ayacucho, expressed this sentiment, "When we use the microphone, we are making use of the power to express ourselves. We do this working collectively, using the radio as tool in defense of our rights."

Thank you so much for your support!