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Project Update: Helping Hands Shipments to Haiti and Nicaragua

An important part of MADRE's work is making sure our sister organizations have the supplies they need to respond to emergencies, supply their communities and run their offices. Through the Helping Hands campaign, MADRE sends donations of clothing, medications, medical supplies, books, condoms, office supplies and other necessities directly to our partners. 

September was a busy month for Helping Hands staff and interns. After many long days of packing, taping and cataloging, MADRE sent a record shipment of 198 boxes to our sister organizations in Nicaragua, CADPI and Wangki Tangni. In addition to medical supplies and condoms, Helping Hands was also able to send beautiful lengths of leather, silk, polyester and cotton for the Wangki Tangni Women's Sewing Collective, a cooperative made up of 35 Indigenous Miskito women. The Collective's garment-making classes allow Indigenous women to make clothing for their families while also earning an independent income from sales at markets and craft fairs.

In September we also had a visit from Eramithe Delva, one of the leaders of MADRE's sister organization in Haiti, KOFAVIV. Eramithe left the MADRE office with a huge bag packed full of whistles, flashlights, batteries, condoms, first aid supplies, toys, blankets and clothing. The flashlights and whistles, which enable women to deter rapists and protect themselves, will be used by women in displacement camps of Port-au-Prince-- a place where women face epidemic levels of sexual violence.

As always, MADRE and the Helping Hands campaign are grateful to all who make possible this vital part of our efforts to provide women with resources and results.

October 19, 2010  / Latin America and Carribean / Haiti