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Pre-Natal Vitamins for 1,000 Nicaraguan Women

On the North Atlantic coast of Nicaragua, three-quarters of the people suffer from malnutrition. The effects are especially devastating on pregnant and lactating mothers. They are one of the groups most susceptible to vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

That's why MADRE's Helping Hands program paired with Vitamin Angels to send aid to our sister organization in Nicaragua, Wangki Tangni, which has served more than 60 Indigenous communities in the region.

Through Vitamin Angels, an organization dedicated to providing vital nutrition to children and families in need, MADRE received over 3, 000 bottles of pre-natal multivitamins to distribute to Wangki Tangni's maternity center and women's clinic.

This means 2 bottles each for every mother served by the clinic! These vitamins are critical to supporting a mother's nutrition and energy and encouraging a baby's healthy development.

In March, Helping Hands will begin packing our next shipment toNicaragua. Since last year's massive shipment, we have collected thousands of donations from our generous supporters, including contacts, glasses, toiletries, fabric and first aid. These items will join the dozen of boxes of pre-natal vitamins from Vitamin Angels.

You can help! Here's how: