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Photo Update from Nicaragua

Thanks to your support, we recently sent a shipment of supplies to CADPI, our partner organization in Nicaragua–and we'd like to share our photos with you!

CADPI offers art and music classes, human rights trainings, and children's recreational and skills-building programs for local Indigenous and African-descent communities.

MADRE's shipment will help ensure that CADPI continues its crucial work with women and families in Nicaragua. Supplies included:

  • First aid and medical supplies and equipment

  • Eyewear including glasses and contact lenses

  • School supplies and children's toys and equipment

  • Electronics including used computers, telephones, televisions and printers

  • Appliances including stoves and refrigerators

  • Health and hygiene supplies

  • Shoes and clothing

  • Vitamins for pregnant and lactating women

  • Sewing supplies including a sewing machine and fabric

Check out some photos of the shipment below:

Photo Credit: CADPI

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