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OWFI's Been Hard at Work

OWFI has been hard at work maintaining the safe houses and providing a secure environment for the women who seek refuge from violent or stressful situations. The medical, counseling and legal services offered at the safe houses have been beneficial to the residents who have continuously expressed their gratitude towards OWFI and the support provided by the staff. When asked if they felt more secure at the safe houses, one resident answered "If I had known about OWFI before, my life would've been better; I feel better here." Another woman living at the safe house responded, "It's the first time someone gives me something without taking something in return."

OWFI has expressed the desire to start skill-building classes with the women at the safe house. These classes will not only let the women develop and reinforce useful skills. They will also create a healing environment where the activities will help women overcome the trauma and violence they have faced.

Thank you for your support. With your help, we'll continue to help OWFI maintain these important safe houses!

August 1, 2013  / Middle East / Iraq / Ending Gender Violence