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Our partners need us now

Every day, the coronavirus pandemic spreads farther. Some of the most marginalized communities where our partners live are now reporting their first cases. From refugee camps in Syria to remote rural villages in Nepal, women and their families must now brace for a public health crisis beyond any we’ve ever confronted.

Get MADRE partners what they need.

Many of the women and families we support are already on the brink. Their communities are reeling from wars, hurricanes, and other humanitarian disasters.

Today MADRE partners in Yemen shared with us:

We already face a decimated health system, and rarely do people have the water, food and supplies they need because of the war.  It is a heavy burden to prepare for another emergency or even ask people to wash their hands with soap and water, when there is little water to drink. We need more humanitarian aid and medical supplies now.

In these times of great fear and worry, we must take care of each other, both here at home and around the world. Our partners know how to respond in crises and what their communities require. Let’s make sure the resources they need are there.

March 24, 2020