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An Oil Miller for Women Farmers in Sudan!

In May, we shared with you that the women of Women Farmers Unite were working hard to obtain a machine to extract oil from their sesame seed and groundnut crops. Thanks to your support, we were recently able to provide 20 women farmers with 100 pounds of seeds and help the women purchase an oil miller!

The women farmers have been dreaming of an oil miller for a long time now. Extracted oil from sesame seeds and groundnuts is a lucrative product in local markets. With their own oil miller, the women farmers have eliminated the need for third party millers, saving time, energy and money. Thanks to your support, over 100 women farmers and their families will benefit from the oil miller! The women farmers will now earn more income to feed their families, send their children to school and invest in their communities. Thank you!

Halema is the leader of the women farmers group in the Gunglisa village. Fatima Ahmed is the director of Zenab for Women in Development, our sister organization in Sudan. Fatima recently spoke with Halema about her participation in the Women Farmers Union.

"This is the true way to women's empowerment, she said to Fatima. And the oil miller will add value to our product and increase our income to feed our kids."

Thanks so much for supporting this life-sustaining work!