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A New Tractor for Women Farmers in Sudan

Just yesterday, Fatima Ahmed, the director of Zenab for Women in Development, our sister organization in Sudan, came to MADRE to share some exciting updates from theWomen Farmers Union. And we'd like to share them with you!

The Women Farmers Union, the first of its kind in Sudan, started working with 300 women farmers in six communities in Eastern Sudan. Today, it unites over 3, 000 women farmers from over 50 communities–and it continues to expand! By providing seeds, tools and resources, Zenab supports these women so that they can grow the food their families need to survive.

Last year, we were excited to announce that thet Women Farmers Union hadpurchased their first tractor. Not only did the tractor save time and labor, it improved the chances of a good harvest.

With so many women farmers and just one tractor, it was hard to meet the need. But just recently, Zenab was able to purchase a second tractor as well as a new disk to help with planting! Already, these new tools helped 1, 000 women clean, plow and prepare their fields for a successful harvest. The women are thrilled to have a second tractor!

Fatima also shared with us that in June, Zenab organized a forum where over 500 women farmers attended. She told us how the women farmers were able to discuss their needs as well as provide recommendations for the Union.

One of the biggest challenges the women farmers face is unpredictable weather patterns created by climate change. Last year, the women struggled through persistent drought. This year, excessive rain has triggered floods that threaten their harvests and that spread disease through communities. The members of the Women Farmers Union share strategies to deal with the flooding, like planting trees as a natural barrier to protect farmland.

We thank Fatima so much for visiting MADRE and for sharing these exciting updates and accomplishments from the women farmers. We can't wait for her next visit!

September 26, 2012  / Africa / Sudan / Environmental Justice