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New Photos: The Farmers Market You Support

Thanks to your support of Harvesting Hope, MADRE and our local partners organize regular farmers markets for the women farmers to sell their crops.

The women your support reaches live on the impoverished North Atlantic Coast of Nicaragua. In their isolated Indigenous towns, many women struggle with poverty. They lack opportunities to raise money to sustain their families. But you’re helping to change that. That’s because the farmers market that you make possible gives women a place to sell their crops. And the markets offer them a vital source of income for themselves and their families.

In this photo, women farmers from Harvesting Hope are selling vegetables in the market in the hub city of Puerto Cabezas, a 5 hour journey from their home community called Kisalaya. Our local partners worked with the regional government to get permission to set up this farmers market in Puerto Cabezas. This was the first time in 14 years that the women had a chance to sell their crops here! They were excited for the opportunity to reach a new market of customers.

Farmers Market 1

In this photo, women are learning how to prepare tomato sauce. This was a training session organized by our local partners to teach the women how preserve tomato crops and to make sauce — a new product they can sell in the local markets.

Farmers Market 2

Thank you for supporting Harvesting Hope! With your support, women invest in their families, their communities and their futures.

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