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A New Partnership

With your support, our local partners at Taller de Vida have been hard at work expanding our healing programs with former child soldiers and sexual violence survivors in El Chocó, Colombia. Through Taller de Vida's unique approach, young survivors of Colombia’s decades-long war receive art therapy and counseling to help them recover from their traumas.

In an effort to reach even more young people with these life-sustaining services, Taller de Vida has partnered with a local youth organization based in El Chocó. It's an Afro-Colombian youth group that uses music, dance and sports to empower young people and teach them about community organizing. 

By expanding their programs in this way, Taller de Vida can reach even more young Colombian girls and boys who have been impacted by violence and war. They can build on the trust established by these youth leaders, who offer friendship and support through their peer-to-peer networks. And now, these young people have access to the healing art therapy workshops and counseling services through Taller de Vida. 

Through this new partnership, Taller de Vida will be able to reach even more young people with their safe, supportive and healing workshops. And more girls harmed by decades of war in Colombia will receive restorative therapy and counseling. Thank you for supporting this vital work. 

Photo: Young girls at a Taller de Vida workshop. Photo credit: Jennifer Cardona

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