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New Classes at OWFI Shelters!

Our partners at the Organization for Women’s Freedom in Iraq (OWFI) are offering new courses! Their programs already give women shelter, care and the chance to reinvent their lives, including through job training. Now, OWFI has added first aid, literacy, and sewing and handicrafts classes! Nearly 60 women have attended these classes so far - 49 of whom had never before taken a class with OWFI. 

In the aftermath of the war with ISIS, the number of people injured and in need of care has risen. And the demand for first aid responders and home care providers has multiplied. By adding first aid classes, women learn skills they can use in their daily lives to help their families if needed. Also, some women said that they plan to use these skills to find jobs as home health aides or at nursing homes.

Literacy classes will help women become more independent. One woman told OWFI, “the way I see it, this will let me gain control of my life, and not be dependent on help.” Thank you for making these life-changing classes possible!

With your support, our partners meet the needs of local women and provide them with the support and resources they need to heal and care for their families and communities. Thank you for standing with our partners in Iraq!

November 9, 2018  / Iraq