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Moments to Remember - Made Possible By You!

All of us at MADRE wish you many beautiful moments to remember in your own life. Thank you for being a friend and a champion of women’s human rights!

Moments to Remember – Made Possible By You!

“With all the roadblocks, it’s impossible to get to hospitals when you’re in labor here in the West Bank. I spent my pregnancy in fear, until MADRE helped. I will never forget the sight of a midwife appearing in my doorway to check up on me when I was pregnant. Then she came again to deliver my daughter safely. It was a difficult birth. You saved our lives.” – Adeela, Palestinian mother

Women and Children Healing from the Traumas of War in Colombia

“We are girls and boys who were forced to be soldiers. Now we have people who watch over us, help us with school, and do sports and art work with us to heal the wounds inside. We are also women who have been ripped from our homes but who now have ways to support ourselves and our children, thanks to you. Sisters of MADRE, you have taken our hand, returned our dignity, and allowed us to transform our history and our fears. We thank you.” – Message from Taller de Vida, MADRE’s partner organization in Colombia

Women Helping Women on a Global Scale

Every women who has fled Syria’s civil war has her own story—of pain, loss, fear, but also of hope. Thousands more women from around the world have also suffered those traumas during war in their own countries. That’s why I helped lead a momentous summit in Geneva. Women who had survived rape and other terrible injustices during war came together to support Syrian women, and to demand that they be included in peace negotiations. It was incredibly moving to witness women sharing their experiences and wisdom. And it was powerful to see Syrian women gain strength from these exchanges. It’s in these moments—when women connect and learn from each other—that progress takes place. I’m thankful to be a part of it.” – Yifat Susskind

Iraqi Women Fleeing Violence Find Aid and Safe Haven 

“Here in the grip of the violent ISIS militia that rape and kidnap women into sexual slavery and forced marriages, I ask, who is here to help us? It is you, good people of MADRE. It is you who helped us respond immediately, when no other organization could. It is you who are supporting the only safe houses and emergency relocations for women fleeing danger. It is you who are providing housing, care and counseling to hundreds of displaced women and their families. It is you who are bringing food and medical care into towns under siege that no one else can reach. There are too many moments this year that move me beyond words for me to name just one.” – Yanar Mohammed 

Indigenous Women in Nicaragua Raising Healthy, Happy Families

“My children were thin with dull eyes before you made them shine with the vegetables and fruits I now can grow. How can a mother thank you enough for that? You gave me enough tools and seeds for me to sell extra crops at the market. I harvested 40 pounds of tomatoes this year. Because of MADRE, I can pay for my children to go to school. – Ester Tomas

Women Standing Up for the Environment

“I was one of 400,000 people in New York City—and one of many more worldwide—who took to the streets demanding climate justice. I saw thousands of people lined along the sidewalks, carrying signs with words like ‘There is no planet B’ and ‘Be kind to your mother’ over a drawing of the earth. All of us, including MADRE and our grassroots partners all over the world, are determined to confront climate change and protect our communities. By turning out in force, we’ve put world leaders on notice that we are watching, and that we demand climate justice.” – Diana Duarte, MADRE Communications Director 

Syrian Refugee Women Receiving Emergency Aid

“You’re a light in my life,” a Syrian woman told our partner distributing 150 MADRE-provided solar lanterns to Syrian refugee women living in Jordan. We delivered the solar lanterns as a vital guard against nighttime attacks and sexual violence.

Women Farmers Expanding Production in Sudan

“I had big dreams about the harvests I could sow, if only I could get a loan for seeds and tools,” Atoma said. Atoma is a member of the MADRE co-founded Women’s Farmers Union in Sudan, currently 5,000 farmers strong. Atoma knew that women farmers were often overlooked and that banks gave big loans to men. But luckily, the bank knew that Atoma was part of the Union. “This gave me credibility,” she shared. “The bank deemed me creditworthy, giving me a loan of $100. I can now count on loans from the bank as big as the ones they offer to men.” A leader among women farmers in her community, this year, Atoma will buy her own land and expand her production.