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Midwives for Peace: In Their Own Words

Midwives for Peace is a network of Palestinian and Israeli midwives, supported by MADRE. They work together to promote peace and protect the health of mothers in the West Bank.

In February, the midwives gathered for their quarterly meeting. These gatherings are an opportunity for the midwives to share updates on their work and talk about successes. They also discuss challenges and plan for the future.

During their most recent meeting, the midwives asked themselves a question. "How does participating in the group affect us and our work?" Here are some of the thoughts they shared:

"As midwives, the work that we do has the power to change communities."

"The Palestinian community faces many difficulties. We provide a space that empowers our Palestinian members to share their experiences of suffering and bullying at Israeli checkpoints. And our work is very important in improving the health of Palestinian mothers and babies."

We look forward to sharing more updates from their next quarterly meeting. Thank you for supporting this important work!