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Midwives for Peace: A New Ultrasound Machine for Palestinian Midwives!

We just received an update from our sister organization, Midwives for Peace! They sent us news about their recent meeting, which brought together 15 Palestinian and Israeli midwives to exchange their knowledge and expertise.

This was a special meeting, thanks to the support you provide through MADRE. They brought Halla, one of their members from the West Bank, a new ultrasound machine! 

Halla is preparing to open a new birthing center soon, and this ultrasound machine will be crucial to making sure that mothers in the West Bank can give birth safely. The Israeli military has destroyed or barricaded thousands of roads there, making it difficult for Palestinian women who are in labor to reach hospitals. Halla's birthing center will be a vital alternative.

"We thank you from the bottom of our hearts, " said the midwives. "It feels so good to know we have partners who care and work hard for us�You are in our minds and in our hearts!"