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MADRE Partner in Brazil for ECLAC's Regional Conference on Women

MADRE's partner organization, the International Indigenous Women's Forum (IIWF/FIMI) is in Brazil to participate in the Economic Commission for Latin America's (ECLAC) eleventh session of the Regional Conference on Women in Latin America and the Caribbean. The theme of the Regional Conference is "What Kind of State? What Kind of Equality" and aims to evaluate the progress of gender equality, including a focus on challenges that remain in the region. Women's autonomy and economic empowerment will be a primary focus of the Regional Conference.

The two questions that are being used as a guide for the debate are:

1. What type of economic development and democracy are needed to achieve equality between men and women?

2. What kind of public policies are conducive to gender equality in the context of the growth and development models of the countries of the region?

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From our partners:

"The meeting was attended by 800 women from all countries of the region. The number of civil society organizations was quite impressive. While the meeting addressed mainly the monitoring of the Beijing Conference, new themes were included such as migration and climate change."