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MADRE Members Supply Anti-Cholera Kits for Haiti

It's hurricane season and once again, Haitians are in the path of lethal storms. Your support is already helping Haitians to survive regular, torrential rains.

In June, Haitians faced flooding and deadly mudslides that destroyed the makeshift tents in the displacement camps and killed at least 25 people. This flooding carries the raw sewage that contaminates water supplies, triggering another deadly threat: the spread of cholera. This disease that thrives in crowded, unsanitary conditions broke out in October of last year and has since killed over 5, 000 people. 

MADRE is working with our sister organization KOFAVIV to contain the spread of cholera and to save lives. With your support, our partners have created kits to prevent and treat cholera, containing oral rehydration salts, chlorine water purification pills, soaps and disinfectants. With many of the women of KOFAVIV living in the camps themselves, they are able to distribute the kits through their community networks to hundreds of displaced women and families. 

Cholera is a killer, but these basic supplies protect Haitian women and their communities.

Thank you!

Photo Credit: MADRE