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MADRE Delivers: Clean Water in Nicaragua

"With the project "Women Waterkeepers, " MADRE, Wangki Tangni and community members have become active participants in building a sustainable way to provide potable water in rural Indigenous communities of Nicaragua. Today, we celebrate this initiative to preserve water and to maintain a healthy relationship between the Miskito women and their territories, their natural resources, their water."

-Rose Cunningham, Director of Wangki Tangni

For Indigenous Peoples living on the North Atlantic Coast of Nicaragua, the deadliest time of year has just begun.

Hurricane season stretches from June to December. Severe flooding carries raw sewage and other pollutants into the water supply, bringing diseases like typhoid, dysentery and cholera. With no access to clean water or healthcare, mothers are often forced to watch as their children die from easily preventable waterborne illnesses.

MADRE, together with our partner organization Wangki Tangni, is working to improve access to clean water. We provide Indigenous Women Waterkeepers with the tools and support to improve water systems.

Thanks to you, Wangki Tangni has recently made important strides. With MADRE support, they conducted series of successful human rights trainings and education workshops on hygiene and sanitation. What's more, they repaired 10 water wells and installed two community water pumps. Since then, Wangki Tangni has installed several battery powered water pumps!

Members of the community have repeatedly expressed their gratitude for this crucial work. "My children have become more beautiful. Their skin has gotten color, and they don't get sick, " said Prudilia, a member of Wangki Tangni. "They are healthier and with more motivation to work. MADRE did not lie. What they promised, they delivered."

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Check out the photos below to see Wangki Tangni's work in action.


Photo Credit: Wangki Tangni