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Interview with President of CHIRAPAQ

Tarcila Rivera Zea, president of our Peruvian sister organization CHIRAPAQ, was recently interviewed about Voice for Justice, her radio program for Indigenous Peoples in Peru.

In her recent interview, Tarcila Rivera Zea, president of CHIRAPAQ, noted that Indigenous Peoples in Peru are not just excluded from national society, but from information society as well. Even though Peru has recognized itself as a multicultural and multilingual country, it has not developed communication policies and programs for its Indigenous communities. It's as if "they could not imagine Indigenous communities as creators of media" stated Rivera Zea. This is why Rivera Zea, an Indigenous activist, is working with CHIRAPAQ to fight for Indigenous communities' access to communications, so that they can share their own experiences, develop their own messages, and be recognized as citizens. Sapinchikmanta, or Voices for Justice, creates communication spaces and networks for Indigenous Peoples, by Indigenous Peoples.

Overcoming Indigenous Peoples' lack of access to media and information is one of the various challenges that these communities face. But they will not be discouraged. Rivera Zea said: "Indigenous communities are more intercultural than anything else. We have survived colonization, genocide and exclusion and we have adapted to all contexts. This is just another challenge in our struggle."

To see a full summary of her interview in Spanish, click here.