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Hurricane Matthew - We’re Ready

Hurricane Matthew has made landfall in Haiti. It’s the strongest storm to hit the region in almost a decade.

Heavy winds of 145 miles per hour have caused severe storm surges and damage. Already, people have been killed. And now, fatal flooding and mudslides from up to 40 inches of torrential rain threaten to bring even more death and devastation.
MADRE is reaching out to our on-the-ground partners in Haiti, and we’re tracking the storm closely. There will be a need for food, clean water, emergency shelter and medical care.
Vulnerable Haiti is still struggling to recover from disasters like the devastating earthquake in 2010. What’s more, water contamination triggered by the storm will only worsen the cholera epidemic that Haiti has been battling for years.
With decades of experience, we know how to help women, families and communities most in need during and after disaster. That’s because we work with local, grassroots women’s groups who can reach the most vulnerable and hard-to-reach areas with vital aid. We've done it in Haiti before, delivering emergency aid and cholera prevention kits to women and families in devastated communities.
We’ll keep you up-to-date on our response to Hurricane Matthew. We’re there for our partners in Haiti, and we’re grateful to have you standing with us. Thank you.

Yifat Susskind
MADRE Executive Director

Homepage photo: United Nations /Logan Abassi