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Helping Women and Families Heal in Gaza

best of caramel shelter - mother holding a baby (c) jessica alderman

When we called for help responding to the emergency in Gaza, you answered. Thank you. You made it possible for us to bring urgent aid to women and families there, through our partners at the Palestinian Medical Relief Society.

Eight weeks of deadly attacks by Israel killed over 2, 100 Palestinians, 500 of them children. Entire communities were decimated and the humanitarian crisis in Gaza continues. But your support is helping deliver immediate aid.

With your help:

  • 16, 628 Gazans from 10 communities received urgent medical aid, including medicines and dressing of wounds, from mobile emergency health clinics operated by our partners.

  • 4, 915 families received emergency relief packets of food and non-food items.

  • 478 pregnant women received antenatal care to protect their health and their babies.

  • Hundreds of children received psychosocial support and counseling to help heal from the trauma they've endured.

Thank you for making this life-sustaining work possible! Through MADRE and our network of on-the-ground partners, you have a clear, effective way to help women and families most in need.

On behalf of the women and families we support together in Gaza, thank you.

October 9, 2014  / Middle East / Palestine / Women's Health