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Helping Hands for Nicaragua: Our Humanitarian Aid Shipment Arrives!

MADRE’s shipment of much-needed medical supplies and equipment has now completed its last mile of deliveries to Nicaragua! With your help and generosity, we collected basic necessities and scarce medical supplies to send to our sister organization in Waspam, Nicaragua.

Waspam is located in a remote area of Nicaragua along the Rio Coco River, bordering Honduras. Due to its remote location, crucial items such as medical supplies are harder to access than in other areas in the country. 


With the help of our volunteers and interns, we successfully filled a 40-foot container with 340 boxes and 23 pallets full of humanitarian aid to meet immediate needs of the Indigenous communities in this region. This shipment, which included prenatal vitamins, hospital beds, medical supplies and equipment, eyeglasses and personal hygiene products, directly supported the two maternal health centers and hospitals in Waspam and Puerto Cabezas, a nearby town.


We also distributed 10 digital cameras to be used by women’s rights promoters working with Wangki Tangni to create legal evidence to prosecute cases of violence against women and help bring justice to survivors. Your generous support and contributions have made a deep impact. Thank you!

The journey: the Helping Hands delivery on the Rio Coco River en route to Waspam.

Waspam community members unload boxes of medical supplies.

The shipment arrives: Waspam Hospital workers unload medical equipment and supplies, including hospital beds, wheelchairs and exam tables.

Helpers deliver wheelchairs to local hospital.

Waspam's Maternity Center receives prenatal vitamins to aid pregnant mothers' health and babies' development.

Members of the Waspam community receive eyeglasses.

Elder of the Waspam community receives a walker.