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Health Care for Hundreds of Guatemalan Women

Our partners at the Women Workers Committee recently held a health fair for women and their families in the neighborhood of Barcenas, just outside of Guatemala City. Women in this poor community have precious few opportunities to access health services–that's why this program is so vital. They told us that 1, 525 women attended and participated in the fair!

Providing Routine Health Care:

Our partners provided vaccinations, pap smears, urine tests, eye, ear, and throat exams, and other routine health tests. Women received diagnoses to help identify the proper course of treatment.

The growing number of participants in these fairs shows that women are much more aware of their own health and health needs thanks to better education. Still, they need better and more routine care to prevent common ailments.

Providing Reproductive Health Care Training:

During the fair, our partners held 10 trainings on sexual and reproductive health with 300 young women. They distributed pamphlets on sexual and reproductive health, family planning, and reproductive health rights. They also distributed male and female condoms.


  • 1, 525 women participated in the health fairs

  • 1, 000 people received vaccinations

  • 525 women benefited from health exams, most of them maquila workers

  • 225 women had a reproductive examination

  • 300 women participated in 10 trainings on sexual and reproductive health

Words from Our Sisters:

"We need to keep working and having these campaigns, to support and help the communities to prevent diseases. We need to do more preventative campaigns than curative ones. We need to strongly advocate for women's health and give more importance to it, because every day, the different types of illnesses affecting women increases." -Sandra Gonzalez, Director of the Women Workers Committee