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Happy International Women's Day!

Today, on International Women's Day, we take to the streets to celebrate courageous women around the world. We renew the promise to be ever bolder in our demands for justice and more defiant against oppression.

Today, and every day, we celebrate women who strengthen communities.

Where MADRE works in rural Nicaragua, Indigenous women mobilize to demand communities free from violence. (c) Lindsey Stuart

We celebrate women who build peace.

MADRE's partners in Iraq stand up for democracy and peace. (c) OWFI

And we thank you. Because with you standing with us, MADRE and our sisters around the world have the support they need to demand human rights, peace and justice for all women and girls. So thank you for being a part of MADRE. And Happy International Women's Day!

In celebration and solidarity,

Yifat Susskind

MADRE Executive Director