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Ensuring Human Rights in Colombia: Concluding Observations from the UN Human Rights Committee

Following MADRE's Shadow Report on Colombia and presentation at the UN Human Rights Committee last month, the Committee released its observations to the Colombian state. In the observations, the Committee expressed its deep concern at the persistence of serious human rights violations in Colombia, including extrajudicial executions, forced disappearances, torture, rape and recruitment of children in armed conflict, and it urged the government through a series of recommendations to take action to remedy the situation.

The recommendations addressed the concerns that MADRE and our Colombian partners put forward in the Shadow Report. Our partners in Colombia let us know how pleased they are with the language in the observations, as it will be extremely useful in advocating for human rights on the ground. 

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In response to MADRE's work and the Committee's observations, some of our partners wrote:

"Almost all of us know about the work of Francy and Lisa Davis [of MADRE] in Geneva at the Human Rights Committee. ... As you can see [in the recommendations], the language is very useful for our work in the implementation and defense of legal abortions in Colombia. Thank you very much you all for your work!"

See the positive coverage our partners are receiving in Colombia (in Spanish):