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The Chicken Farms Expand Again!

We are extremely excited to let you know that thanks to your support, MADRE and Muixil, our Guatemalan sister organization, were able to expand our chicken farming project for the second time this year! An additional 50 Indigenous Ixil women participants from the Indigenous communities of Nebaj, Chajul and Cotzal will each receive three chickens and materials to build chicken coops. That means that this year alone, you have helped 100 women start their own chicken farms, securing food for their families and earning incomes to send their children to school – thank you!

We are also happy to report that the 50 Indigenous Ixil women who have been participating in the project since the spring of this year continue to successfully run their small chicken farms. Thanks to your support, this project continues to grow. Most importantly, it has ensured that impoverished Ixil women now have the means to provide for their families.

We look forward to sharing even more future successes from the chicken farming project!