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Women in Pakistan need you

Monsoon flooding has devastated over a quarter of the land in Pakistan, including its agricultural heartland and remote mountainous areas. The Pakistani government estimates that 20 million people will be affected by this disaster, and 3.5 million children are at risk from deadly waterborne diseases according to the UN. 

You can help.

Our friends in Pakistan, Shirkat Gah Women's Resource Center, already have people on the ground working with local groups to provide relief and distribute food and medicine. But international aid has been slow in reaching the region, and they need your help.

We've worked with Shirkat Gah before - and we know them well. As a women's organization, they have a unique capacity to make a difference for women and children affected by this crisis.

Will you make a donation today to speed Shirkat Gah's efforts and help save lives in Pakistan? Your contribution will be used immediately to set up medical camps and purchase vital relief items such as food, medicine, cooking utensils, clothing and shoes.

Together we can save lives in Pakistan. Make a gift today.

August 18, 2010  / Asia / Environmental Justice