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Women in Afghanistan Are in Grave Danger

When I read the news that Taliban forces in Afghanistan took control of the northern province of Kunduz, my heart sank. That’s because our on-the-ground partners run a shelter for women and children there. Just one day after the takeover, the Taliban was already on the hunt for women connected to the shelter. Our sisters, and the families they care for, are in grave danger.

You can read more about the threats our partners face here.

Thanks to MADRE’s Emergency and Disaster Relief Fund—and YOU—we have emergency funds at the ready to send to our partners to help with immediate evacuation and relocation of their staff and shelter residents. But we need more. The lives of women and children depend on it.

I spoke with our partners this week. They managed to evacuate close to 100 staff members and shelter residents. And we just learned that the Taliban has burned down the shelter. Thankfully, everyone got out. 

But they are still stuck in hiding in Kunduz, with the Taliban hot on their trail. They urgently need to be relocated to Kabul, where our local partners can arrange for safe haven.

I told them MADRE can—and will—help. Make a gift to MADRE’s Emergency and Disaster Relief Fund today. With you, we can send urgent aid to our partners, wherever they need us, for women and children in desperate need.

When you support MADRE’s Emergency and Disaster Relief Fund, you save lives when crises like this one strike. Our sisters in Afghanistan and around the world thank you for your generosity!

With gratitude,


P.S. Over the weekend, US airstrikes killed 22 people at a hospital in Kunduz. We know that military attacks like this only deepen the violence that women and families face. With you, we continue to stand with women for peace, justice and rights.