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Election 2020: Winning the Future

Take a breath, and let it all out. After seemingly endless days of uncertainty – and years of authoritarian attacks on our communities – in the election of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, the people of the United States have voted for change. 

As you feel the relief of this moment, take time also to celebrate. Let’s uplift all the work that has gone into rejecting hate and authoritarianism – and all those who, even in the darkest days, fight for the futures we want to see. This is a moment to honor grassroots leaders in the US and worldwide who organize daily to protect their communities and rise up together as movements demanding change.

As we push for a better future, we must be ready to defend our democracy right now. Trump is attempting a coup, following the authoritarian playbook we warned about. We must remain ready to respond to a possible crackdown by the Trump administration or by paramilitary groups – who could turn to violence to keep him in power. And make no mistake: we will continue to contend with the toxic legacy of Trump – because he has empowered white supremacist, xenophobic, and sexist forces that are not going anywhere. As we face this reality, we can bring the lessons learned from our partners worldwide.

A Biden win offers a new terrain of possibilities in our struggles for rights and justice. It creates space for us to advance our progressive priorities and bold reforms, building on grassroots work already happening in the frontline communities of our partners worldwide and here in the US. 

There is still much work to be done. We cannot settle for a return to failed, pre-Trump policies of wars, attacks on immigrants’ rights, and neoliberal economic agendas. 

So as we pursue our vision for a feminist peace, we urge you to support MADRE and our partners and help us seize this opportunity for progressive change. 

Together, we will demand a more just climate policy, support life-saving local initiatives to build more resilient communities, and turn the feminist vision we all share into a brilliant reality. Together, we will see to it that a Biden administration enacts policies aligning with the values many millions of people have voted for: care, fairness, rights, and justice. Thank you for standing with MADRE – in the darkness and in the light – and especially now, at this historical moment. 

Looking forward to continuing our work together to realize a feminist future!


Yifat Susskind

MADRE Executive Director

November 7, 2020