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Urgent Relief to Afghanistan and Haiti

Like you, I'm pained by the turmoil in Afghanistan and the earthquake in Haiti — and we must act quickly to help.

We're partnering with networks of grassroots women's groups on the frontlines of these crises. We’re able to get support where it's needed most and in ways that prioritize the women and families most at risk. Stand with us today to provide much-needed emergency relief and protection.

Addressing the Crisis in Afghanistan

After 20 years of a failed and destructive US war, the Taliban has taken over Afghanistan. In provinces that they control, women and girls are in serious danger. I spoke with a partner there who told me about her rushed efforts to bring water and milk for mothers and babies who have fled the fighting and are living in open parks in the city of Kabul. She told me about the desperation of evacuating other women to safety, like a doctor who is under threat of assassination because she ran a girls' school, and young women escaping the threat of sex slavery.

Your emergency gift will support our Afghan Women's Survival Fund to protect women who have stood up for human rights, and who now face an upsurge in targeted attacks by the Taliban. You can help fund an underground escape and support network for those who need emergency relocation and provide humanitarian aid for women and families facing shortages of food, fuel, and water due to the collapse of the government, COVID-19, and drought.

Supporting Our Partners Amid Devastation in Haiti

On Saturday, a devastating 7.2-magnitude earthquake struck Haiti, with some 1,300 people killed and thousands more injured in the catastrophe. MADRE jumped into action to support our partners. Together with you, we can mobilize medical supplies, food aid and clean water — and we have to move quickly, with dangerous tropical storms on the way.

In these times of immense crises across the globe, we must fortify our response.

Please support our emergency fund so we can get much-needed resources to women on the frontlines of the world’s most urgent crises.

Thank you for making a meaningful gift. Your support is essential to women and families in Afghanistan, Haiti and beyond.


In solidarity,

Yifat Susskind Signature


August 16, 2021