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UN Women: The New UN Gender Equality Entity

MADRE is pleased to announce that, through the amazing efforts of global, regional, and national networks of the Gender Equality Architecture Reform (GEAR) Campaign, the General Assembly has agreed on its newest gender equality entity, UN Women.

From today's press release:

Charlotte Bunch of the Center for Women's Global Leadership (CWGL) at Rutgers University, a founding member of the GEAR Campaign, stated, "We have high expectations for this new agency to be a solid foundation for advancing the human rights of women as central to global policy efforts to reduce poverty and move toward greater realization of peace an democracy in the world. The coalition of women's groups and other social justice, human rights and development organizations that have played a pivotal role in this effort will now turn its efforts toward ensuring that the new body has the human and financial resources necessary to succeed."

Tomorrow, July 2, 2010, a press conference will be held at 11:15 am to announce this new entity. MADRE will be following new developments and posting more details in the coming days.

For additional information on UN Women and the GEAR Campaign:

July 1, 2010