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Tell US to Stop Opposing UN Resolutions on Depleted Uranium

The US is one of the only nations to repeatedly oppose UN resolutions that would push for research on the damaging health effects of depleted uranium in weapons, including life-threatening cancers and birth defects. Join MADRE in telling US leaders that their failure to act on this issue is unacceptable. Read and sign the petition below. And please share it with your friends, too. Together, we can demand the change we want to see.

Dear Secretary Kerry and Ambassador Power,

We, the undersigned, urge the United States government to address the toxic legacy of its depleted uranium use in Iraq.

On November 5, a new resolution on depleted uranium weaponry will be introduced to the United Nations General Assembly. While the text of this year's resolution is still being negotiated, since 2007, UN resolutions have included language affirming the need for research on the potential harmful effects of depleted uranium as well as the need for disclosure of where this weaponry has been used. The resolutions have been passed by the vast majority of the world's nations, indicating a growing global concern. Unfortunately, each year the US has isolated itself by opposing these resolutions, alongside only a few other countries.

The US must end its opposition to UN action on depleted uranium. It must also support clean-up of areas where it has used depleted uranium and further scientific study of the impact of these materials on people, such as the relationship of these materials to increased cancer rates and birth defects, so that proper treatment can be pursued for those who have been exposed. These actions are critical to both civilian communities in Iraq and US veterans and servicemembers.

We note the renewed urgency of this matter given the current US military actions in Iraq and Syria.

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