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Speaking Out for Black Lives

Black background graphic that reads "Black Lives Matter" in white text. The MADRE logo sits at the bottom of the text.

“what struck me most about the people who were burning down shops and stealing was how long they waited. the restraint they showed. not the spontaneity, the restraint... they waited and waited for justice. and it didn’t come. no one talks about that... - Toni Morrison

In the past 24 hours, protests against the targeted murders of Black people have surged forth yet again in the US. From Minneapolis to Los Angeles, people are coming together to demand justice. Once again, Black communities are forced to mourn the loss of their loved ones.

We say their names: George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade, Regis Korchinski, Ahmaud Arbery. Their killings reveal the on-going legacy of systemic violence against Black people and the disproportionate abuse Black communities face. Their loss is compounded by racist justifications offered by law enforcement and media.

On Wednesday evening, as thousands gathered in Minneapolis to protest the police killing of George Floyd, they were met with a brutal police crackdown. Police hurled tear gas, fired rubber bullets, and set off flash-bang grenades into the crowds. We must denounce these racist, militarized responses and stand in solidarity with those rising up for justice.

In our work with partners across the globe, we recognize the global movement for Black lives and the resonance that the phrase “Black Lives Matter” holds for many. This is why MADRE stands with protestors demanding accountability for these murders. We say their names and reassert our commitment for a just and feminist future.

May 28, 2020