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See What You've Accomplished in Peru


Last week, I showed you what you have made possible in Iraq through a message from Yanar Mohammed, the leader of the Organization of Women's Freedom in Iraq, our sister organization in Baghdad. Today, I'm thrilled to show you how much you've accomplished in Peru!

Thank you, as always, for making MADRE's work on behalf of women and families possible, 

Vivian Stromberg
Executive Director

Tarcila Rivera Zea - CHIRAPAQ (The Center for Indigenous Peoples' Cultures of Peru)

In 2010, you made it possible for Tarcila and CHIRAPAQ to give Indigenous women a voice and newfound power.

Through CHIRAPAQ's radio program, Voices for Justice, you've given Indigenous women the chance to raise their voices in a country where they are often silenced. The radio program allows women to speak freely on the air about charged issues like climate change, domestic violence and women's political participation. It also gives them valuable technical skills in broadcast and media.

And, you've helped CHIRAPAQ bring the perspective of Indigenous Peoples of Peru to key UN conferences, making sure their voices are heard not only in Peru, but all over the world. Thank you!
[Tarcila Rivera Zea]

Read More: MADRE on CHIRAPAQ and Peru in 2010: "People see them as public opinion generators and leaders." Video from Voices for Justice Radio. "I learned to share ideas and relate to others; we made friends and also learned a lot about the techniques of stone carving." MADRE helps Indigenous students from CHIRAPAQ visit the US to learn stone carving techniques.

November 22, 2010