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See What MADRE Members Have Accomplished in Iraq

Hi Friends, 

As you know, I'm in frequent contact with the leaders of our sister organizations. Though they're located all over the world, they all ask the same question around this time of year: how can we thank the members of MADRE–the many people who have made it possible for us to continue our work with women in our communities.

Because you're a part of MADRE, our sisters see you as a friend. They want to thank you directly, and let you know the impact your support has for them, so over the next few weeks, you'll receive short profiles of some of our partners. Through these women–the heads of our sister organizations–you'll be able to see all that your support has made possible in 2010. Thanks to you, MADRE and our sisters are continuing to combat violence against women in all its forms.

Below is the first profile. Thank you, as always, for all you do.

Vivian Stromberg
Executive Director

Yanar Mohammed – The Organization of Women's Freedom in Iraq (OWFI)

In 2010, you made it possible for Yanar and OWFI to begin to rebuild from the ravages of war. 

Through their five women's shelters and their year-old radio station, Al Mousawat ("Equality") Radio, the women of OWFI can find their voices, speak their minds and defend themselves against discrimination, despair and violence.

You've also supported OWFI's Art Action for Peace, a program where Iraqi youth use art to work through the emotional toll of the ongoing US occupation and the years of war through which they've lived.

Thanks to you, the women of OWFI–and the communities they serve–had the courage to continue to stand up for their rights in 2010. 
[Yanar Mohammed]

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November 11, 2010  / Middle East / Iraq