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See What MADRE Members Have Accomplished in Colombia

Hello Friends, 

Below is a profile of Stella Duque, the head of Taller de Vida, our sister organization in Colombia. I'm so pleased that we've been able to show you what our sister organizations do, and how you help them do it. In case you missed our previous profiles, see how you've made a difference in Iraqand Peru!

Thank you so very much, 

Vivian Stromberg
Executive Director

Stella Duque, Taller de Vida, Colombia

In 2010, you made it possible for Stella and Taller de Vida to give women and children in war-torn Colombia an alternative to violence. 

Through Taller de Vida, you supported art therapy programs for war-displaced women. With these programs, women can create crafts that earn them income at the same time as they receive group counseling and training on human rights issues. 

You also made it possible for children to break the cycle of violence. Taller de Vida offers artistic and educational activities to help rehabilitate children exploited as soldiers--and children who are at risk of being recruited by armed groups. By focusing on art and community, the children learn to envision a culture of peace.

In 2010, MADRE was also able to brief the UN Human Rights Committee on the toll the Colombian conflict has taken on the women and children of Taller de Vida. Together, we won recommendations from the Committee that MADRE is going to use to push for better laws and policies in Colombia. 

Because you stood with us this year, MADRE and Taller de Vida were able to stand for peace in Colombia. We couldn't do it without you!

[Stella Duque]

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December 16, 2010  / Latin America and Carribean / Colombia