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Progress on Cuba, Victory Still to Come

Today, President Obama echoed our longtime call to change US policy towards Cuba. We welcome his appeal to Congress to end the embargo and his decision to ease some of the restrictions on US-Cuba relations. Today was a step in the right direction and a victory to celebrate. 

Now the US must fully normalize relations with Cuba and lift the many restrictions still in place even after this announcement, related to travel, remittances and more. 

As the President said, the embargo has indeed been a failure. But not because it hasn’t overturned Cuba’s government. It’s a failure because it’s a cruel policy that has denied food and medicine to Cuban families for decades. 

That’s why MADRE has mobilized for years to send millions of dollars-worth of humanitarian aid to our partners in Cuba. And in the coming months, we need to call on our elected officials to end the embargo once and for all. When we succeed, imagine what a victory that will be!

In solidarity, 

Yifat Susskind

MADRE Executive Director

December 17, 2014  / Latin America and Carribean